Just keep climbing, just keep climbing...


I was born in Edmonton and Alberta is my home. I work on photography assignments anywhere my client asks me to go. I am especially interested in and focused on architecture, interiors, industrial, and people photography assignments. They are all very fascinating to me... and may I add, an amazing field of work. It's my profession and the one thing that will undoubtedly connect me to the wonderful souls of many people. I come from an architectural technology and experiential graphic design background. This, I believe, gives me a different perspective about what I see. I do not look at what I photograph as subjects. I will photograph the way the subject makes me feel. Admittedly, it is a strange approach. But it's honest - and probably the best way to describe how I embrace my work while I discover my brand. Good design, however, needs to be recorded accurately so I will wrestle with every photograph - I promise. Now, assuming that excellence is possible, I want to wring it out of every single image that I capture. If it's all you ever know of me, that's cool... that is what I want all of my clients to think about as I work for them. Giving my best effort to all of my projects, all of the time.